With the cavitation, regional weakening is now much easier.


Cavitation is a method based on sudden and high-pressure changes in the cell fluid in fat tissue.

Regional fatigue and cellulite is a non-surgical method that fights with the help of sound waves. This effect, called cavitation; liquefy the oil and destroy the walls of the cells, destroying the structure of the oils. The fat cells in this tissue and the fatty acids that are released are broken down and removed by the lymphatic channels.
Cavitation is a powerful system that is intended to be used to break down unwanted storage oils in the waist, abdomen, belly, arms, hips and back and primarily to dissolve established regional oils and to help reduce the appearance of cellulite areas. To support the diet, drinking water is compulsory.
G5 Massage
G5 massage is done with the tool of its own name. The quick vibration and push-up method allows the burning of excess oils and cellulite areas, and the use of attenuation products in the application area results in a noticeable significant effect. It helps relieve tension points and spasms, eliminate edemas and lactic acid that accumulates in muscles after fatigue.
Rhythmic massage accelerates blood circulation, reduces skin aging lines and provides skin elasticity. G5 massage is one of the fastest growing methods used especially in regional weakness. Massage with the instrument accelerates the blood flow, opens the veins and recovers the body. Massage can be applied to the entire body, but especially in the hip, upper leg, arm and buttocks, it can be used more effectively to combat cellulite.

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