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Permanent Makeup is the art and science of implicating the color of your skin. Eye eyeliner and eyelash tightening, permanent eyebrow (brow contour), permanent lip makeup are included in this application.

Permanent make-up is a sterile process that is made under the skin surface using natural, mineral colours and disposable special micro needles in the required areas of the face (eyebrow, lip, eye). Once the procedure is complete, the epidermis cells die and renew. The pigmentation effect maintains its visibility for approximately 2 to 3 years. Since micro-pigments are natural and water-based in permanent make-up, colors are more dull and we can easily get the color we want. The technique of making eyebrows, eye and lip contours prominent is applied in a person-specific integrity. Everyone who wants to close their eyebrows, eyes and lips, as well as scars, skin patches and flaws, gains a unique beauty by micro-pigmentation method.
At Elite Beauty Beauty Center, we use Mei-Cha professional permanent makeup and thanks to its speed, we offer a comfortable and painless application for our customers. Only vegetable dyes we use are manufactured in America was originally from Turkey distributor methyl; İmage by Mei-Cha. Paints are American FDA approved. It does not turn color, it is much more persistent, there is no harm in health. Image dyes are 2 times more compact than regular micro pigments and 2 times more durable.
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