Needle free mesotherapy (mesostar) works by electroporation. The microchannels formed by the monopolar low-voltage electrical current and the drugs prepared with the help of polarization are transferred to the target tissue through the skin. In the studies carried out, the needle-free mesotherapy system provided more homogeneous drug application than the needle method, resulting in more effective results. Drug-penetrating drug cocktails can easily be used as energy, burning fat cells, descending into subcutaneous fat tissue; stimulates blood flow; stimulates lymphatic flow; and collagen production. Mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and medicines are given to the middle skin layer.

According to the needs of the skin of the person, first a skin analysis is performed, and after the photography is done in advance, a treatment plan is made. Sessions take 6-30 minutes on average and the number of sessions is 4-6. There is no age limit for no-risk needle-free mesolifting. Especially people who are exposed to many cigarettes, alcohol, sun, fluorescent lamps and solariums can easily apply mezolifting without needles in all men and women who can not look at the skin in the intense work and stress environment

The application of illnesses with pregnancy, breastfeeding, advanced insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, advanced heart disease, stroke and ischemic epilepsy, new cancer history, skin lesions, an allergy story known to mesotherapy products, hemorrhagic disease (hemophilia) is objectionable.

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