Permanent and painless solutions with needle evacuation ...

Needle epilation can be performed in both male and female, and it can be applied in face area, large areas like back and legs, small but hairy areas such as armpit and genital area, It is a permanent and painless solution for unwanted hair.
Treatment sessions require special planning for the individual, taking into account the thickness, frequency, extent of the fur, and the patient's wishes.
(Electrolysis method) is a permanent method of treatment for unwanted hair treatment in all patients, except for the nose and the ear, whatever the skin and hair colors, in many patients since many years. In addition, since direct current is given to the hair follicle, there is no possibility of creating a general and common burn at the bottom. Again due to the same mechanisms, the color of the fur does not change the efficacy of thickening and skin color treatment.

We use BALLET GOLDEN NEEDLE in Needle Epilation.

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