Why and how does skin rupture occur?

The most important reasons for the regional tear image observed in women are:

Immediate weight loss and gain
The body's moisture and water ratio is not adequate
When we look at it from this point of view why it is not the formation of skin rust in all women can be said ... But the reason is high genetic properties and skin structure. Everybody's metabolism activities and skin structure have different properties.

Can people with various reasons and tearing in the skin protect themselves from it?

Unfortunately, there is no such system and product to prevent this happening. However, as ELITE BEAUTY, we provide you with a maximum of 3 sessions of tearing away from high vision and skin tears.

What is the process we are taking? And how to implement it?

Only the vacuum bars created for the rips of our body are applied on these individual images. The special product is applied to the region before the process and the product set is given to the person who can use it at home after the operation. The process intervals are 21 days and they are using these products every day during this interval.

In short, it damages preliminarily, and then we repair it.

The procedure that is not the case, such as bleeding, scaling, pain and injection, involves a very comfortable application.

However, it should be appreciated that only the transaction will be successful only half of the result will be successful. In order to get a good and lasting result, the nuances that the person who has the transaction should comply are also mentioned. The person is obliged to arrange the standard of living in accordance with the transaction.

This is a system implemented by Brazil. The results are very high satisfaction.

Who can not apply FIBRODERMS leather tearing?

The ones who are pregnant
To those in lactation
When using Roaccutane and similar medicines
The ones on their period
People who have undergone a surgical procedure near the area to be treated for skin rupture