What Is Dermapen?


Dermapen, Reliable Skin Rejuvenation And Renewal Method!

Dermapen treatment is used in acne scars, pores, skin renewal, sunspots, skin tightening, removal of fine lines and crack treatments. The valuable upper layer of the skin is a method used to treat the skin deeply without damaging the epidermis, without peeling, without irritation. It offers the possibility of renewing the skin in a superficial way.

Dermapen treatment is used to reconstruct the skin by increasing the collagen tissue in areas with tissue loss in the body. With Dermapen application, the tissues damaged by the skin are reactivated and rapid repair is started. Before the application, makeup residues on the skin are cleaned and the skin is disinfected. In the treatment, more than one microchannel is opened to the skin. With the help of automatic and vibrating needling technique, the pain sensation is reduced while the absorption of the products is accelerated and the effectiveness of the treatment increases. In this process, “collagen" and "elastin" synthesis are indispensable for the elasticity of the skin and the blood circulation increases. In a short period of time, tissue loss is repaired and new tissue formation is achieved and skin problems disappear in a short time. The applied area is recovered and the aesthetic beauty is completed in a very short time.

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