What is BB Glow Effect?


     BB Glow application is the newest skin care application with special herbal serum. Serums used in practice; Does not contain various chemicals and BB cream or foundation. This application are not cosmetics. The effect of the application lasts for generally 1 year. 

How is Permanent Fondoten Applied?

It is applied to the epidermis by using micro needling. Thanks to the microneedles, the herbal serum is placed under the upper layer of the skin. The operation is very comfortable and the needles do not make you feel any pain. The process, which can be applied in every season, starts to show its effect in the first session.

BB Glow Effect sera contain vitamin B3, amino acid, plant extracts, titanium dioxide and various plant extracts. So there are no side effects. BB Glow Effect supports cell regeneration, makes skin look younger and makes skin look brighter. It protects the skin against possible sun damage while treating the sun deformations. It has intense moisturizing properties. Restores acne and acne scars. Provides new cell formation. Relieves the appearance of the scar or scar tissue on the skin.

Who does not apply permanent foundation?
Patients with cancer or patients with tumours in the body, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients with inflammation in the body, patients with susceptibility to Keloid scar formation, pregnant or breastfeeding period, those who are in the field of application. Warts, herpes, people with eczema, and psoriasis skin diseases such as an active period or those patients who are in the process of treatment, blood clotting disorders or blood diseases, people with acute infectious disease carriers, the BB Glow Effect cannot be applied.,

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