What Causes Skin Cracks?


It is the cleft of the elastin and collagen fibers in the dermis which is the lower layer of the skin. In addition to being a medical problem, it is a cosmetic problem. Skin cracks are said to be skin lesions that do not pose a risk and do not affect body function. It can only be said that there is a great cosmetic problem.

Quick weight gain, skin dryness, birth and pregnancy due to cracks in every woman is suffering from issues. Cracks are usually seen in the legs, abdomen, arms, and breasts. It is possible to destroy the disturbing white lines.

The earlier the crack treatment begins, the more successful the result.

Where can you get help?

In our Elite Beauty centers, crack maintenance is done. The sooner you notice your cracks and the more you start to take care of the cracks, the faster you can get results.

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