Permanent Tattoo Removal


You may have been bored with the tattoo you once had. You can permanently remove your tattoo from your skin without leaving any traces on your skin and without damaging the tissues! This is the ultimate solution for unwanted tattoos.

Laser systems with high-energy prominent and short beats leave no trace on the skin is a choice for you to get rid of your tattoo.

Can be used in all colors

Some lasers are effective in erasing black, blue and green tattoos, while others are effective in red, orange and yellow colors. Black tattoos usually respond better than tattoos of various colors. Old tattoos also have better results.

Does Not Damage Your Text

In laser systems, when the rays are given to a certain region (tattoo) with high energy, the target (tattoo) breaks up. The tattoo pigments divided into very small pieces are destroyed by the body's immune mechanism. In this way, you are free from unwanted side effects.

Is it a painful process?

Feelings such as needling, burning, tingling or pain vary from person to person. 30-60 minutes before the local anesthetic creams are applied with people who are not tolerated with pain in the skin. In experienced hands and the person to comply with all recommendations, infection, white spotting and permanent traces of side effects are extremely rare.

What to do after the procedure

  • Avoid shaving, swimming, hot water pools and excessive exercise for 1 week after the procedure.
  • Avoid sessions such as hot water, hammam, sauna, pouch, fiber, massage and tanning cream after the sessions.
  • Do not peel or peel the water bubbles or shells formed after the session.

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