Permanent Make-Up Application

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With the permanent make-up application, it is now possible to look 7/24 well-groomed!

The permanent make-up also known as the micro pigment is a general application and it is extremely safe because it uses individual disposable sterile needles. Permanent make-up products are plant-based and do not cause allergic reactions. The products passing through the application are specially designed for permanent make-up of the facial region.

Permanent make-up products are all-natural, free of additives and fragrances. Permanent Makeup process should not be confused with forging.

During the Permanent makeup, all products used are herbal and gradually disappear from the skin over time. Permanent makeup life is generally 2-5 years. However, this period varies according to the skin structure, age and environmental factors of the person. Colored pigments under the skin are reduced because the skin is renewed, solar and eventually exhausted. For this reason, it is necessary to touch the permanent make-up at certain intervals. Light-colored skin is refreshed faster than brown skin. Naturally, the retention time in permanent make-up is slightly shortened. Brunettes are luckier in this aspect. As the skin grows older, it has a long time effect on older skin.

During the procedure, you may feel a tingling of the needle tip value, but if you wish, the area to be applied can be previously anesthetized.

Eyebrow Contour

Cosmetically, it is the method used to reshape or fill the eyebrow area. Sparse eyebrows are performed by filling them. With the application, the damaged eyebrow shape is corrected, low eyebrows are removed, new eyebrows can be designed, spilled eyebrows for medical reasons or sparse eyebrows can be filled. Because the tip of the eyebrows hangs downwards, the person may look older and tired than he or she looks. At this stage, you can pull your eyebrow up without any aesthetic surgery, at least 6 years younger and more aesthetic facial features.

Permanent Makeup may look darker and therefore thicker than it should initially be. But in a short time, this situation will change, the skin renews itself and the pigments have a natural appearance. 5 days after the make-up and naturalization of the make-up manifests itself after 15 days. With this make-up, you can make any changes to your eyebrows.

Eyeliner Application

People may want to have eyeliner for most reasons. As solutions to these reasons; Large eyes can be normalized, adjacent eyes can be shown more discrete, small eyes can be shown larger, unpretentious eyes can be shown more exotic and attractive. With eyeliner permanent make-up applied to people with lifeless or people with small eyes, bright and more meaningful views can be gained.

Why Does Somebody Want To Get Permanent Make-up?

If you don't want to do your morning makeup and clean up your makeup when you come home after a tired day, permanent makeup is for you! 7/24 guaranteed natural beauty.

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