Eyebrow Vitamin

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Eyebrows can also be poured by dilution, such as hair, weathering, stress, environmental pollution, unbalanced eating habits, drugs, diseases, wrong cosmetic product selection or sometimes only genetic susceptibility. Eyebrow vitamin is a serum application that helps the eyebrow hair grow stronger with vitamins.

How is it applied?

In the first step, the gaps to be filled are determined. The shape of the eyebrow is designed by considering the shape of the face and the person's wishes. Weak feathers are revived by a razor. Then apply the serum prepared with vitamins to stimulate the hair follicles. Each session lasts approximately half an hour. At the end of this period, the procedure is completed with protection sessions. Before starting the application, you should ask the expert who will perform the application, what you want to do and what you have to do between the sessions or what you should not do.

If you don't want to do other cosmetic products every day, the eyebrow vitamin app is for you. It is a method used to increase the performance of your eyebrows, naturally to strengthen your eyebrows and the resulting image belongs entirely to your own eyebrows.

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